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About zhongbo

International Marketing Representative - LED Display

Job Information:

1. Proactively develop international new clients;

2. Follow up inquiries from international clients;

3. Implement clients’ general project, connect and maintain new and old clients;

Search for relative market information, attend trade fairs.
Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or higher, major unlimited; CET6 at least, TEM8 is better; practised spoken & written English;

2. Experience in international sale or purchase profession for more than 2 years; especially in LED display industry or electron industry;

3. Willingness for business trips, learn fast and skilled in office serial software;

4. Be good at communication, strict and careful in work, and passionate to international business;  Ability to work under pressure, and could bear hardship and challenge.

PS: excellent graduate is also welcome!

Spanish International sales

Job Information:

1. More than one year experience on Spanish international sales job;

2. Excellent ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing Spanish;

3. Good ability of communication and negotiation, be able to handle general business issues independently;

4. Serious at work, positive, good at communication, honest, and motivated.