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Command and Dispatching System

Demand Analysis:

? ? Command and dispatching system is a complex system integrating communication, command, control and information. It is a command and dispatching place to ensure public safety and deal with public emergencies, major events and emergency management. Through the large screen display control system, large amount of information, high data flow and multi-channel monitoring can be flexibly and conveniently displayed in a rich The accurate and efficient comprehensive information display interface realizes information sharing and facilitates unified command and dispatching, so as to ensure the linkage, efficiency and integrity of the whole command system.?

? ? Our small spacing series display screen is used as a complete video wall to display high-resolution images and truly restore the scene; At the same time, it supports multi-channel signal access, and the processed picture is enlarged, reduced and roamed at any position on the display wall in the form of window, so as to provide intuitive and fast modern means for all kinds of decision-making.?

Application Area:
Communication, airport, public security, energy, finance, campus, transportation, meteorology, etc
System Structure:
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