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SPA-Stadium Perimeter Panel
Pixel Pitch:6/8/10mm

Product Introduction

Ease Box
Super efficient for containing, transportation & warehousing.
Protective, Robust & Lasting
Strong Chassis
made of high intensity sheet aluminum coated with carbon powder.
Soft Topper
lessens the impact of any knock to athletes and avoids being injured.

Soft Module Mask
lessens the impact of any knock to athletes and avoids being injured.

IP65 Waterproof
Rated IP65, front & back, the panel repels the harshest of wet conditions.
High Brightness, High Contrast
Max brightness:10000nits,   Max: 10000:1
Big Viewing Angle
Rear Maintenance

Product Details

Technical Parameters

Parameters SPA-6 SPA-8 SPA-10
LED SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD3535
Pixel Pitch (mm) 6.67 8 10
Module Size (WxHmm)
Module Resolution 48x48
Cabinet Size (WxHmm) 1600x960 1600x960 1600x960
Weights (kg/㎡) 37 37 37
Pxiel Density (Pixels/㎡) 22,477 15,625 10,000
IP Rating IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54 IP65/IP54
Cabinet Materials Sheet Aluminum Sheet Aluminum Sheet Aluminum
Brightness (Nits) 6,000-10,000 6,000-10,000 6,000-10,000
Viewing Angle (H./V.) 120°/106° 120°/106° 120°/106°
Max. Power Consumption (W/㎡) 600 600 600
Avg. Power Consumption (W/㎡) 200 200 200
Refresh Rate (HZ) 7,680-15,360 7,680-15,360 7,680-15,360
Maintenance Rear Rear Rear